Up Close and Personal

with a very talented singer, Marty Robson of Ten Souljers!

Yes, there is so much talent here in B.C. He is one of them. He is the front man of Vancouver’s Best Cover Band! Check out this link!




Nothing comes between me and special agent Jack Bauer. Period!

To my own embarrassment I need to confess: my daily habit of watching this decade old tv series, 24 borders on slight addiction! You want my time in the evening? Come up with something grand or extra-ordinary.

Watching a Live Band in a Casino could be this special something!

2013-03-23 20.33.31

If the band happens to be the ‘TEN SOULJERS,  the self proclaimed “Best Cover Band in all of Vancouver” – we may have a deal!

2013-03-23 22.36.05

Front man, Marty, happens to live down the road from us!  Until Saturday he was a neighbour, a father and one of our new friends to us. Dominic and I were curious to watch if he could make the successful transition from ‘father of two children’ to ‘rock star in the lime light.’ We were curious to find out if Marty was singing the truth about the band or if he was tooting out hot air!

2013-03-23 22.56.45

Thank God we are in Canada: Stepping into a casino takes as much time as getting ready to go grocery shopping – i.e. no time at all. Comfort, t-shirts and denim reign! The casino is a happy place for all young (over 21) and young at heart.

2013-03-23 22.33.52

The band enters the stage,  the light is flickering…. and they are off! From the first second onewards, from the first trumpet sound, the first guitar cords, the second the two ladies opened their mouth to sing, I was theirs! They had my fullest attention. My hands wanted to clap, my legs begged ‘let’s dance’.2013-03-23 21.42.59 I was so mesmerized that I missed my spot on the dance floor. Within minutes of the band performing, it was packed down there. I missed the boat; but you know how it is, where there is a will there is a way! Just wiggle  enough and you will find a spot among the couple and solo dance acts. I swear to you, we had three grannies dancing next to us – groovy moves, hip swinging, clapping… the lot.

2013-03-23 22.28.40

What would you call ten musicians playing in perfect harmony together? A medley for the senses? A buffet for eyes and ears?  Please tell me, becauseI have no clue.

The band has a three men brass section (saxophone, trombone and trumpet) which blew me away, literally!

2013-03-23 23.08.06

Front man Marty, flanked by his two front women, is fantastic. Let him blow his own horn as much as he wants, they are a super talented band indeed!  The two ladies are in a league of their own. Quite frankly speaking, they are better than fantastic! They can do what I can’t: They can sing!  Why did I say that? Of course they can sing, they are in a band. What I love about them is the fact that in our modern, computerized, techno, fake music industry real talent still exists!

A band who knows how to fill the dance floor – and knows how to keep it filled – deserves praise.  A band who can make us women feel like a Dancing Queen deserves a medal. A band who can make our neighbour Steve perform the Moonwalk all the way across the dance floos and back, gets our stamp of approval  A band who makes Dominic jump, shout and stomp his feet is a winner.

A band, that makes me resist the urge to use the bathroom in fear of missing something is truly talented. – A band that makes granny ‘move like Jagger’ is a super band!  And the  band who makes me forget about Jack for the evening deserves a blog post.

I said it at the beginning, let me say it again: I don’t stand Jack up for just anything or anybody. In case of watching the Ten Souljers, I admit, it was a risk worth taking! Marty made his transition effortless, we will add “singer in a top band’ to his portfolio and their music set me free, for this one night!

Please check them out: if you don’t take my word for it!

There is only one thing Jack has on the Souljers,

I have no problem watching three episodes back to back. All you will hear from me is a sigh of relief or anticipation – otherwise I will be still during the whole 120 minutes! The same can’t be said about the band. They are so good, so energetic and so contageous that it is impossible to sit still. I need to get up and dance, to shout out loud and sing along – with high heels on, this is something I can’t do longer than 45 minutes (one episode) straight!

When we left, during the second act, the grannies were still on course to boogie the night away… just in case you wanted to know!