In my previous posts I mentioned the facts that Vancouver is the most beautiful and the least fashionable city in the whole world!    Now, a recent newspaper article has confirmed what we have long suspected: Vancouver is also the second most expensive city to live in – second only to Hong Kong (source:” Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey”).

2013-01-26 15.53.12

Was our judgement impaired when we decided to move here? For the fourth time in our life together we moved to an expensive place. First it was Sydney, then London, Bussum (a village in one of the most affluent areas in The Netherlands) and now Vancouver! We, the most price conscious of all couples, are attracted to expensive metropoles!

Let me clarify one thing, we don’t live in the city per se. We live in the lower mainland area. Here, houses are affordable, nature is found in abundance and the Municipality is still debating if it is wise to put up street lights or proper road striping ( or side walks or cycle paths for this matter).

2013-01-16 14.52.47

Over the years we have learned one thing: It is not the outside ( i.e. reputation), it is the inside ( i.e. quality of life) that counts and we are attracted to.

Where else can we ski, play golf and go swimming on the same day? Personally, I haven’t lived through this particular scenario yet- the simple reason is, I don’t play golf!.

After one joyful afternoon of reckless swinging, lost balls, many loose gras patches and a phenomenal high score I was rendered the ‘loser’. That was it for me – I like to score high in order to win – the concept of low scores is nothing for me.

Can we afford to live here? Yes we can! Let me show you why: This is our ‘backyard’, sort of:

2013-01-18 11.14.25 A 45 minute car ride away you will find this:

2012-07-28 14.37.53 and this:

2013-01-08 10.28.20

Living in and around Vancouver: As expensive or affordable as you wish – and always extra-ordinary!