Dress to Impress & to Party Crash

We left our home turf, Suburbia, for a house warming party in Yaletown. This was our first outing to celebrate with the childless, 30-something crowd since our move to Vancouver. Needless to say, we were excited and we promised ourselves to have a fantastic time!

2012-12-18 08.49.05

We followed the instructions on the invitation and dressed to impress, brought our BYOB and an appie. For a joyful occasion like Christmas or a house-warming I refuse to wear black. I prefer to sparkle and shine in other colours. Like in this one:

2012-12-17 17.22.51

Dominic recommended to wear this piece as a dress, complete with pantyhose and  heels. As he put it:”Remember, you will compete with the young ones!” Common custom here in BC is to take your shoes off before you enter someones house. Therefore, wearing high heels defeats the purpose, especially if you wear reindeer socks. I chose comfort over fashion, squeezed into my skinny jeans and pulled on flat boots.

Dominic didn’t have a problem putting on his decade old Tuxedo – the pants come with an elasticised waistband!

2012-12-17 23.30.53

We found the allocated street and house number easy enough. The trouble started when we had to decipher the second part of the address: PH4. This was another Canadian slang (like ‘PoP”) we haven’t heard of. We somehow knew it couldn’t stand for PHfun on level 4.  The best I came up with was Party Here on level 4!

I was wrong! PH stands for Penthouse! Ohlala, little did we know about our young friends; they are living the high life in one of the trendiest areas of the city, in close proximity to BC Place and Rogers Arena.

By the time we arrived the party was in full swing! A crowded room full of young, well groomed and exceptionally well dressed young adults greeted and welcomed us! As I mentioned earlier, I programmed myself to have fun and I did. It was a fantastic evening! The only slight annoyance was the music: Way too loud and too monotunous.

During my younger years I preferred to stay till the end at any party out of fear to miss anything. Not anymore! Now I have a very simple party credo: Leave at the height of your enjoyment!

To preserve our fun memories we bid our hosts farewell and were ready to hit back home. On our way to the lift we got slightly side tracked by the loud music at PH1. Dominic and myself looked at each other, we both had the same thought:’Should we or shouldn’t we?” We were definately dressed the part – so we did it: We knocked on the door with the intent to crash their party! Guess what:

They let us in! That was truly an unexpected surprise to both of us – or, is a sophisticated, good looking (?) , freshly shaven (Dominic that is) couple hard to resist?

Our new hosts Mark and April welcomed us with open arms, a hug and glasses of wine – told ya, Canadians are friendly! Their get-together was less crowded and less noisy. It was an unexpected, very enjoyable twist to our already super evening! We talked German Gluewein, April offered us a deliscious dinner and we retaliated by introducing them to their neighbours in PH4. The result: Their two parties turned into one!

Dear PH1 and PH4, you gave us a glimpse of our past. You made us relive moments of our life! Thank you!                                                                                                          We drove back to our children with the warm, fuzzy feeling that “the oldies” brought some neighbourly X-Mas spirit to a penthouse community somewhere in Yaletown.

And the extra-ordinary moral of this story? a) Sometimes just do what your gut feeling is telling you and b) dress to impress if you want to part crash!

If you wondered what BYOB stands for: Bring your own beer.                                           Appie= Appetizer                                                                                                       POP= soda/ soft drink