Play hard, Write even harder! It is done! I just pushed the “enter” button. Which means, Mission accomplished!

My seven months long writing journey has come to an end! At one point I thought it will never end – But it did!

Writing this book has been the most intense, time consuming, detailed thing I have accomplished up to this point in my life! Giving birth to three children? To me that was easy-peasy in comparison. From now on there is no turning back! Very soon readers around the world will be able to read about “A VERY BERRY EXTRA-ORDINARY TALE of ENTREPRENEURIALSHIP” (still tentative title) and I will have to face the music i.e. reviews!

I crammed my writing in during very early mornings, and ridiculously long nights!  Nothing else mattered, but to fill the pages in front of me!  It was actually quite rejuvenating to get the story out of my system while it was still fresh. It was not only “mission accomplished”, I also became quite proficient in the use of this little device in front of me (PC). Dominic  laughed when he read this. He thinks I have slightly exaggerated here…

In approx. three months baby no.5 will be born. Book Baby is in its final trimester. Unlike six and a half years ago when I set up my first commercial business venture, I didn’t have to leave the house to get things done. I did what I never thought possible: I sat on my butt for hours on end! And, I loved every minute of this creative progress! I poured my heart into this project. I bared my soul on every page!  Not in a cheesy kind of way, more in the fun, entertaining kind of way. It’s off my chest and now I can move on to the equally important part: Collecting testimonials and doing the pre-publication promotion! Now it is up to me to show the world and myself what I am made of. I know I can set up and successfully run a coffee lounge against all odds. But can I sell my book? This remains to be seen. All I know, I’m prepared to do whatever it takes to reach the No.1 spot on Amazon! It took a while to get the pages out there, but now, it is a product I am proud of. It is a fun, inspiring, uplifting read with lots of ideas of how to stand out from the crowd.

It was another step into extraordinary territory. Just like the pole dancer I happened to watch at the local strip club (Mothers on a wild night out means we are the first to arrive at the night club and the first to leave when the real partiers come flocking in. In our case we were way too early for the boogie floor and therefore killed some time at the afore mentioned establishment)! –It was a first for me and I couldn’t help but wondering: ’’How long did it take the dancer to make the pole an extension of herself? How many hours of practise did it take to look at ease with every step, every twirl and every suggestive move she made in front of her audience? I am sure it took the lady in question lots of practise, more practise and long hours of rehearsals. She was baring it all, boobs and the rest!  But unlike her, you won’t see my frontal, but you will get a glimpse inside my heart instead.

Oops, did I just compare myself to a pole dancer? If you know me, then you know this is a ridiculous comparison.

No, I actually compared our actions: If you want to deliver a good product, either a book or a smooth pole dancing routine, you need time to produce and to rehearse!

Good things need to be created, nurtured and looked after.

Like the definition on my tummy. My 6-packs won’t re-appear by magic. They need to be shaped. A pole remains a simple pole if nobody makes an effort to practise a routine with it… And a page remains blank if we don’t add our unique expression.

Whatever your next project will be, make it shine, let it become extra-ordinary!