The Human Resource Department of WestJet Airlines must be reading my book VERRY BERRY EXTRA-ORDINARY. How else did they find out about “my secrets”?
Secret No.1 It doesn’t matter WHAT you sell, it matters HOW you sell it!
Secret No. 2: It doesn’t need to cost money to become extra-ordinary.
Secret No.3: Just be creative!
Secret N.4: You only need to concentrate on one item only to make you special!

When I flew home this morning, the ground crew plus flight attendants of WestJet had us passengers all smiling; from the first boarding call to their final farewell on the plane.

What did they do to make us all laugh? They didn’t wear silly uniforms, they didn’t dance, they didn’t hand out little presents, all they did was…changed their tone of voice during their announcements and added some sparkly bits and pieces to their presentations!

Would you like to read an example?

Instead of the usual, monotone boarding announcement, “Ladies and gentlemen, please come to get …bla,bla,bla.
This lady dressed up her announcement like this (you need to read the following with attitude and FUN in your voice):

“Ladies and Gentlemen, flight No 234 to Abbotsford has a new check – in gate. Please come to gate B. B for Bruno, Beatrix, Bernice. Do you see the lady in her bright yellow vest, – the one waving at you- yes that me. If you want to get to Abbotsford you need to come and see me!”
“Do we have any little WestJetters whose parents want to get on board first? Kids, grab your parents and come on up!’

Inside the cabin it went something like this:
“Hello Ladies and gentlemen, we are flying to Abbotsford and we are taking you with us. This is flight No….

We would be very surprised if you actually paid attention to our safety demonstration, but if you do, we would very much appreciate that.”
‘This comfortable Boing 737 has fashionable floor stripes which will illuminate in case of an emergency.”
When the flight attendant demonstrated the oxygen mask we heard this :'” You too can look this beautiful if you pull the straps to tighten the mask””Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! By slightly changing their tone of voice, by adding a few silly words, the whole plane was listening!

It doesn’t cost anything to stand out from the crowd! Good job West Jet Airline.
(I wonder how many books they bought…)

Home Sweet Home, It is great to be back on top of our rock.
See ya tomorrow!


she is a woman!

The Dream Team!    C.Waschko

The Dream Team! C.Waschko

She is my joint venture partner! Teaming up with somebody else? Me? No way, I like to be in control! Now I changed my mind; what happened?  Do I get older and wiser?  Do girls have more fun together?The answers will be two times yes, and the second answer needs to be seen!.

On post six of my 22 day challenge I want to update you on one of the various book promotion plans I put into action: I talk –  and created a fun, inspirational presentation “Dream & Dare to make it Happen!”. ..

Writing about talking, this is where Gails gets into the picture! She likes to talk too, but in a different manner and vastly about different topics! Gail is a Quantum Leap Strategist, a Life Coach with over 20 years of experience! Gail knows how to change a mindset- I know how to get you off your arse and do what needs to be done! I know how to help you find your USP (Unique Selling Point) and how to take advantage of this something!  With our two very different skill sets we put a workshop together.

Gail already offers LIVE LIFE NOW through her company; with me as partner we gave it a totally different spin!  Are you curious? Please read about it here:

This worshop is the first in a line of events we have planned throughout the Vancouver and Regina area!

I like the idea of talking myself onto a Bestsellers List. What do you think? Noble, dumb, old fashioned, too time consuming, exciting, hard work … I would love to hear about your approach on making the list (bestsellers- that is)

See ya tomorrow!



It happened the morning after night skiing! What exactly happened I am not sure about – all I knew is this: I loaded up the washing machine, turned to the left and something went ‘CRACK’ in my lower back!

Uuh, autsch, I couldn’t get up, let alone walk. With the slowest of movements, in hunchback position, I shuffled to our office, sat down and wished for the pain to be over! Was that a glimpse of my future?  I, the old woman, home alone, crippled with pain? Nope, pain makes you think silly thoughts!


I made myself as comfortable as possible behind the computer and started my thought process: “Relax Christina, it will be over in a few minutes, you will be fine!”  Yeah, right. During the next few hours positive thinking turned into wishful thinking. Instead of sending out press releases I read  You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay. Her verdict on lower back pain, Fear of money. lack of financial support. Her mantra for remedy is,  “Life supports all of my thoughts; I love and approve of myself and all is well.”

I am not sure if I fear making money, but I know I am not worried about financial support. Therefore, Miss Hays can’t help me. Instead, I had to asked a ‘real’ doctor to check me out. Don’t ask me how I got in my car and how slow and painful the drive to his office was – all I will tell you that it took 45 instead of 10 minutes.

After a short examination and various questions, the doctor came up with her verdict: “It’s a slipped disc, these things can just happen, live your normal life, don’t do anything crazy and the disc will slip back.”

I believe in the Law of Attraction, in the Power of Visualization, in Mind over Matter… I love and approve of myself….but when it comes to physical pain, I believe in the  products of our almighty pharmaceutical industry!  Don’t give me a mantra, give me drugs! They are bad for me? I don’t care, I am in pain! Give me small, magic pills! That afternoon in the doctors’ office I prayed for a prescription – and the prayer was answered: I received two weeks worth of pain relief!

In the world of Miss Hays, a slipped disc stands for  “Feeling unsupported by Life. Indecisive.” Her mantra, “Life supports all of my thoughts; therefore I love and approve of myself and all is well.”

Unsupported by life? I am not sure about that one – don’t we get out what we put in? If  we feel life doesn’t support us then we are not trying hard and long enought. If we are unhappy with our situation then we have to change it- This is what I believe in and what I live by! Sorry Louise, I can’t relate –

Being indecisive? This is something I can relate to more!  True, I can be indecisive at times – there are so many marketeers bombarding me with their different products and services- I wasn’t sure which path to follow or what to focus on!  Therefore, I took the time and looked at my options: Shall I persue my new life as an author half heartedly or with everything I got? Will I do everyrthing, I mean really everything in my power to get me where I want to be?  Verdict: Yes I will! The decision was made!

Today, nearly one week later, I am as good as new! I The pain is gone, I can walk  tall again.  Most of the drugs are still in their container. I used my common sense, rested, stayed away from doing crazy things (as if I would ever do anything like that-) and loved myself even more!

2013-04-22 14.55.12

Thank you slipped disc and Louise Hay for letting me know it was time to make a decision!



Christina Waschko VS Sheryl Sandberg

These days it is pretty hard for me to stay focused on the task at hand – to keep you updated on our new life here in B.C! There is so much going on in media land which diverts my attention. It started off with 70 year old granddads  (Rolling Stones)  who are out to fill stadiums,- now there is a lady who gets serious press coverage for her book “Lean In”.

Who is she? Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer at Facebook.

Her message: For “women to lean in to the opportunities and challenges of becoming a boss”  (Times, March 18, 2013, page 36). In other words,: Ueber ambitious ladies, don’t get side tracked by family commitments or other nonsense, focus on reaching the top of a corporation!

Her connections: She is most likely the best connected woman in the whole world and probably the most powerful woman in America (Times, March 18).

Her education: Two (!) Harvard degrees

Married: To a very wealthy man.

Her target audience: The selected few, women who are on a serious power trip already or who are planning of doing so.

Her industry: Something we didn’t have 20 years ago!

On dreams: I have no idea if she ever had any!

Why it sucks: She is preaching to the converted. A woman who really wants, does!

Who am I?

Christina Waschko: CEO of household operastions in the Waschko family.

2013-04-12 16.02.55

My message: To ignite the spark in every woman’s heart! “Stop making excuses and pursue your dream- let it be personal or business related!”

My connections: 138 Facebook friends, 124 LinkedIn connections plus my parents; They can’t be found on any IT hook-up , but I hope they still count- or not?

My education: University of Life and a degree in Common Sense.  The only way I will ever see an Ivy League School, or Harvard for this matter, is while sitting on top of the double-decker tour bus.

Married: To a very – nice – man.

My industry: Something we had forever, a good ol’fashioned, personal contact business: Running a coffee lounge!

On dreams: I have plenty!  So far, many of them came true!

On why the book bothers me: It is written for a few – but will be read by the masses.

Whereas my book is written for the masses and have been read by few – so far!

My thoughts on female High Flyers: I will bet, most women don’t really care about the whole corporate, power game. Given a choice, most of us would rather live the happy, fun life with a loving husband, kids  and working a job of our choice (which makes us enough money) than running a billion Dollar company. Please correct me if you feel I am stuck in Yesterdayworld.

The few who prefer careers over happy family life don’t need a whole book devoted to their course. They will suppress the urges of their biological clock to do what it takes to get them to the top of anything (oops, don’t read anything into that one).

If they can’t suppress their desire to become a mother, they will manage to squeeze in a baby or two in between negotiating and signing contracts. All that in turn relates to a few more neglected, spoilt, emotionally unstable children who see more of their nanny than their mother. Each to their own!

Appeal: The world needs to read about “VERRY BERRY EXTRA-ORDINARY“, written by an ordinary woman who made one of her dreams come true.

And less about jobs in higher places, written by an extra-ordinary woman who doesn’t need to dream!

Life as a -still – unknown author can be challenging at times, especially in the beginning phase. I know I can’t beat her, therefore I will join her! With this, I will lean in and get connected to people who I really should connect with: Sheryl, I will call you later…


Hurrah, I received an award!

With honour I accept the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, handed to me by the hardworking, handsome and athlectic handy-repair man Mr.jackchaser. If you like to read something (slightly) naughty during your waking hours, this man is for you. I still wonder how he found me, the clean cut housewife (and author!) from Vancouver.


In order to accept this wonderful award, I have to follow certain rules. Here they are, I MUST

1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. State 7 things about yourself.

4. Nominate 7 other bloggers for this award and link to them.

5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements

I will keep it short and sweet, here are seven things you should know about Christina- or better, here are seven items I don’t mind reveiling about myself:

– I don’t know WHY I want to reach the bestsellers list on either or The New York Times. The more I know about it, the less appealing it is! Hint: most authors buy their own way into the list!

– Everybody can write a book- that’s the easy bit! But not everybody can promote his own work! Let me tell you, it is fun to create a new job description for yourself. In my case I added  “Speaker.”

– As much as I love our new home, Canada, and as much as I love to support it – economically – I prefer doing our shopping in the US. It’s way cheaper!

– Rain can’t bring me down – if you don’t like the rain, don’t move to B.C.

– I am falling victim to the great advertising scam!. In particular: Age Defying and Youthful look! I start buying more and more of these creams!

– For some it’s the Happy Place, for others it’s just a room; I refer to the klitchen and cooking. Am I a bad mother because I don’t really care about cooking? Don’t worry, somehow I manage to feed my family with good stuff. Not with creative recipes, but with basic ingredients!

– Personally, it is still a mystery to me why children prefer playing on the Xbox than reading books!

And here they are, the seven nominees for the Inspiring Blogger Award:

1. Lesley Carter, for showing us that it’s possible to live the dream

2. This wonderful recipe blog for the inspiration!

3. Olivia, because I totally agree that a glass of bubbles can solve just about any problem.

4. Reading this brings back wonderful memories of our life in London:

5.This quasi redhead has some funny stories about diets and life in general!

6.Barry from Australia, aka Baz-The Landy,  for doing something I would never do: Climbing mountains higher than Mt. Kilimanjaro

7.  This one is a mom’s blog– do I need to say more?

If you have a moment check out any one of these wonderful, inspirational bloggers. They are all special and WOW in their own way! Happy reading!


I unleashed the beast – aka myself! The mission of  controlled exposure has begun. So far I had no dinner, late dinners or rushed dinners on a daily basis. Our youngest son got early good night kisses from me because his mad mother was off networking, socializing and spreading the good news of her arrival around the lower mainland area!

Along the trip I met some amazing women- and they all know about my book now! Yes, I still do it the old fashioned way, I mingle and talk about my project face to face. For the cyber exposure I need to get myself an IT marketing guru. For now, personal contact has to be enough!. Let me give you a quick account of what happened.

Monday: I met with a couple who tempted me with a brilliant business opportunity – in my own time, with fantastic monetary rewards! Of course I went, how can I say no to ‘brilliant?’ Dominic smelled multilevel marketing from a mile away! But I went anyway, just to prove him wrong.

Do I need to spill it out? Dominic was right (as usual). Yes it was multilevel marketing; and no, I am not interested in selling insurance (of all things) to my new friends.

Verdict: Petrol money and time wasted! I gave them my card, but they didn’t look like a couple who would enjoy a good read about ‘mother-preneurialship’. They love their network-insurance-marketing too much! Serves me right- why did I fall for that cheesy éasy money’pich anyway!

Tuesday: Monthly meeting of Golden Ears Writers club! Now, this is more my cup of tea. This presentation was all about the right and wrongs of writing for magazines!

Verdict: Time well spent! Bonus point, I connected with the presenter, a successful writer!

2013-01-19 13.22.06

Wednesday: Meet-Up group in White Rock to LoveLaughInspire! The location itself was a bit out of my way, – but the reward was / is fantastic! See, good things come to those who will travel…(I just made that up). White Rock definately offered their best; it became a night to remember! We spent an evening of laughter, fun filled , deep and meaningful conversations together! The ladies even bought my book!

Verdict: Petrol money and time well spent!

Thursday: Heart Link Network group here at our local community! Guess whom I sat next to on the couch? An independant consultant from the same insurance company I mentioned above! It’s a small world after all!  Meeting her made me laugh, there must be a lots of unhappy folks out there in need of a new or different insurance!  To tell you the truth, it wasn’t as heartfelt and warm as on Wednesday; this was a business group, not an inspiring, loving, laughing meet-up. Nevertheless, we laughed and we shared our stories. It was as interesting as on Wednesday, just more business like! Now I know what mothers do in their free time, e.g. they design jewellery, they heal, they organize homes, they consult on colours, they design wegpages or they work with multilevel marketing companies… the list goes non!

Verdict: Time well spent and yes, they know about my book now, Here are the extra bonuses: I will get a free make-over on Monday from one of the Mary Kay ladies and won myself two tickets for a fun, glam Oscar night at our local arts studio! Ladies, I will be back!

Friday: The choices for today are a) watching 24 on tv or b) watching the musical 9 to 5 at Garibaldi High School. All I need to do is decide where to meet more innocent people I can talk to about my book!




Any excuse will do to have a party! Our latest excuse was the official launch of my book VERY BERRY EXTRA-ORDINARY, We opened our house to our new friends and acquaintances to celebrate the ‘birth’ of my new baby.

2013-02-05 14.48.37

As you may all know, there is a big difference between talking about a project you really want to do and actually doing it! One of the best feelings ever – to me that is – is to present your finished project to the world. Nearly 16 years ago we celebrated our first baby shower for our first ‘bundle of boy’.


This time around my ‘bundle of joy’ was presented in the shape of an easy to carry, non crying, beautiful looking rectangular book! One of the less pleasant side effects from 16 years ago were my lactating boobs; this time around, my front stayed try!

Here we go again, like the previous three times with our children, I am facing the huge responsibility to make sure this baby can stand on his own two legs one day! I want to make sure the book can bring joy, happiness and inspiration into other people’s life.

Let’s face it, if your health permits, everybody can have a baby. Conceiving a child is not the problem; to çreate’ responsible, loving, caring, independent individuals out of these babies is the challenge!


My fourth baby was my coffee lounge in The Netherlands. The same concept I just wrote about applies to running a business: Lots of people can and will open up their own enterprise. This is not the challenge – the challenge is to create an ongoing, profit making, much loved and much talked about business out of your original idea!


Just like my children, my book is out there – in the wide, open, scary, whacky and exciting world. My kids are exposed to the real life adventures here in B.C. whereas my book is floating around in the big wide cyber world of online book retailers.This is  exciting and scary at the same time! Why? From now onwards I am exposed!  I put myself, willingly, at the mercy of every ready who is willing to give this book a shot! From this moment onwards I am an open target to every comment ranging from ‘loved it’ to ‘forget about it.’

Writing this book wasn’t the hardest part – today is the day the real work and challenge begins! I need to get out into the world to connect, communicate and inspire every living soul who is willing to lend me an ear.

This reminds me of the saying “If it’s easy, everybody would do it.” Oh so right, everybody can write a book- but how many of us have the stamina, determination and character wit to see this thing through till the end? Until (in my case) it hits the no. 1 spot in one of my categories on

Oh well, ce la vie! Here we go again. I am ready to take the plunge. I also know I need to do this on my own- but, is there a chance you can help me?

Do you have any advice, tips, strategies, stories or wisdom to share when it comes to book promotion? Please, let me hear from you! Share your pearls of wisdom with me! I really appreciate your help! Thank you! Thank you!