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The name of the blog was inspired by my book of the same title

“Verry Berry Extra-Ordinary”blogphoto
A Mother, her Teenage Dream & Recipes for a Buzzing Business,

which in turn was inspired by my swanky coffee lounge “Strawberry Lounge” in The Netherlands.

Born with ítchy ‘feet’ I left my first home back in Germany and so far added six more countries as my home address ( Australia, Fiji, USA (Florida), England, The Netherlands and now Canada). Along the way I ‘collected’ my husband and became a mother of three consequently.

As an entrepreneur, or better,  mother-preneur, I added one small, extra ingredient into my daily operation and whoosh – my business became extra-ordinary! 

I have lots of stories, ideas and tips to share with you on living a life on the entrepreneurial, private, sunny and now Canadian Way of life! Thanks for joining us!


15 thoughts on “Check Me Out

    • Strawberry Lounge was my first adventure in the big, scary world of ëntrepreneurialship’. It’s a very fun, cosy coffee lounge in The Netherlands. I have sold it but it is still up and running! Unlike you, I don’t climb mountains, I seek thrill and adventure on “flatter, safer grounds”…

      • Where in The Netherlands was it? Your story, background, and ongoing search for a colorful life are terrific. You are certainly living. And our kids only add to the magic, right? Keep up the good work.

      • Thank you Jef! WE used to live in Bussum, 26 km south of Amsterdam in an area called t’Gooi. Honestly, I HOPE our kids appreciate their parents and their ‘adventures’. We are definitely not the most common or boring of families!

      • We lived in Monster, close to the Hague. A wonderful two years of gezelligheid en….mooi weer? We waren in A’dam getrouwd. Nice reading you and meeting you.

      • Where do you live now? Gezellig? Oh yes, but only after you really got the grip on their language and fully understand their sense of humour! Did you have any problems / challenges? E.g. it took us 6 (!!!!) years to get invited to a bbq. From then onwards it was really gezellig — A Happy , sunny day to you

    • Howdy, oh well, this is part of life! But I am sure Richard and Linda are doing an awesome job their way!
      Life is fun over here! Everybody is happy, schools are fun, lots of new friends and new adventures!

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