WHAT is it with BLACK?

Have you ever been to a Meet-UP meet up?
They are great, you meet lots of like-minded, friendly men and women. Friendly of course – we are in Canada.
I just came back from a Glitzy Night with the Ladies of Love Laugh Inspire in a Lounge bar near the US border.
The dress code suggested to show up in glitzy, sparkly, shiny outfits. And what did lots of ladies show up in? In black!!!
They either didn’t read the fine print or black is the new glamour sparkle!

What is it with black? The most boring colour (it’s not a colour actually) under the sun.
Black is a universal phenomena; around the world little black dresses or suits are accepted attire when you visit the opera, the theatre, a funeral or a ‘fun’ night out with the girls.
And what about the happy bloke who is getting married?
black dress

Say what you want about black, call it powerful, strong, sexy, elegant, timeless.
To me, it is BORING and wearing it means you are playing it safe!
Rightfully, there is nothing wrong with being safe! Tell me, why not make a statement instead?
Bring back glitter, glam and colour when you go out!
The one really good attribute of wearing black: It makes you look slim! Just saying…. now I get it ladies. You all looked fabulous!


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