This post is the 22nd entry of my self – imposed 22 day writers challenge!
For good measure, true devotion and utter enjoyment I will add two more days of daily writing which will bring us to June 1.

A long time ago I wrote my bucket list. On the paper I listed everything I wanted to learn, achieve, see, travel to, accomplish and read during my life party here on earth. One of the books I wanted to read is THE BIBLE.

This book scares me; it is way too thick and way too complicated written to make heads and tails of it. The Bible is THE silent bestseller on the book market. It has been around forever, it will never go out of fashion!
Knowing what the bible teaches is part of my own ‘well rounded’, personal education. I am born protestant to once- a- year church going parents. Religious education wasn’t high on the agenda at school- it is part of our curriculum and not more.

Given the choice, I rather read a Dan Brown novel than the bible. Having said that, The Lord works in mysterious ways: A few months ago I decided to open my doors to two Jehova witnesses (Dec 14, 2013, True Religion), – who brought the bible into our house! To this day, I am still with the ladies! These two wonderful women have become part of my private, weekly enlightenment routine. We are flicking through the bible, we are reading bits and bops, comparing, talking, laughing.
What can I say, “Jehovah made me open the door so I can finally read his word”.

What an interesting book this is. After spending all those months with the ladies you can ask me,
Are I converted? No. Are you wiser? Yes! Am I enjoying myself? You bet! Will I join the Jehovah crew? I Don’t think so.

Our middle son plays basketball with the team of our local Christian School. After the first practise he was so surprised these boys are so normal, just like him! He told me some boys pray before having dinner, he asked me why we don’t go to church!
Why don’t we?
Over the years I formed my own belief about who or what GOD is. Dominic and I are free spirits, we are interested in everything others call God, Jehovah, Buddha or Allah.
I told our son, “Just because you go to church doesn’t make you a good person. If you want to go, I will take you.”
Guess what happened? Our son believes he is a good person – up to this day he has chosen to sleep in instead of getting up and going to church.



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