The Human Resource Department of WestJet Airlines must be reading my book VERRY BERRY EXTRA-ORDINARY. How else did they find out about “my secrets”?
Secret No.1 It doesn’t matter WHAT you sell, it matters HOW you sell it!
Secret No. 2: It doesn’t need to cost money to become extra-ordinary.
Secret No.3: Just be creative!
Secret N.4: You only need to concentrate on one item only to make you special!

When I flew home this morning, the ground crew plus flight attendants of WestJet had us passengers all smiling; from the first boarding call to their final farewell on the plane.

What did they do to make us all laugh? They didn’t wear silly uniforms, they didn’t dance, they didn’t hand out little presents, all they did was…changed their tone of voice during their announcements and added some sparkly bits and pieces to their presentations!

Would you like to read an example?

Instead of the usual, monotone boarding announcement, “Ladies and gentlemen, please come to get …bla,bla,bla.
This lady dressed up her announcement like this (you need to read the following with attitude and FUN in your voice):

“Ladies and Gentlemen, flight No 234 to Abbotsford has a new check – in gate. Please come to gate B. B for Bruno, Beatrix, Bernice. Do you see the lady in her bright yellow vest, – the one waving at you- yes that me. If you want to get to Abbotsford you need to come and see me!”
“Do we have any little WestJetters whose parents want to get on board first? Kids, grab your parents and come on up!’

Inside the cabin it went something like this:
“Hello Ladies and gentlemen, we are flying to Abbotsford and we are taking you with us. This is flight No….

We would be very surprised if you actually paid attention to our safety demonstration, but if you do, we would very much appreciate that.”
‘This comfortable Boing 737 has fashionable floor stripes which will illuminate in case of an emergency.”
When the flight attendant demonstrated the oxygen mask we heard this :'” You too can look this beautiful if you pull the straps to tighten the mask””Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! By slightly changing their tone of voice, by adding a few silly words, the whole plane was listening!

It doesn’t cost anything to stand out from the crowd! Good job West Jet Airline.
(I wonder how many books they bought…)

Home Sweet Home, It is great to be back on top of our rock.
See ya tomorrow!

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