Congratulations and jubilations are in order during my last night in the prairie.

Prost,  C.Waschko

Workshop completed, PROST C.Waschko

Today we did our second LIVE LIFE NOW event in the middle of nowhere (Weyburn), we rocked it, our guests laughed, cried and interacted vividly with us. If this isn’t enough reason for celebration, here is another one: I am flying home in the morning. Back to kids, husband, dog (don’t have one, it sounds good though) and castle.

It has been four days of no rest, not much relaxation and lots of running around. I really hope Dominic (my husband) didn’t mistake this for a well deserved holiday on my behalf. Because it wasn’t. The next time I prefer to get invited by an organisation who organized everything for me! Did somebody say it Is easy to create, market AND facilitate your own event? I don’t think so – if they did, they were lying! If it’s easy, everybody would do it – and where is the fun at that?

I look forward to coming home, being a mother again! Please, please, please, let there be a big pile of dirty laundry waiting for me. Let the fridge be empty! Please- I want to get back into the swing of things.
Told ya. the prairie makes me crazy!

Oh, and I nearly forget to tell you, the folks down here have a saying: “After three days you can still see your dog running.” Yeap, it’s that flat here!


Tomorrow I am back, reporting from luscious, green, hilly, picturesque, more busy and more crowded Lower Mainland B.C!



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