I should rename this blog to “Prairie Log”, as this is my third entry on this topic! Bare with me, I will be home on Monday and things will get back to normal…

After our event, we left our venue elated and ready for tomorrow. It was 5.30pm Weyburn time on a Saturday, we went shopping when it hit me: The movie set from Yesterday World changed into Ghost Town: We hardly saw any souls anywhere! How many more names can you give this place?
6pm is too early to be tucked away at home, but not too late to be out and about?
Apart from petrol stations, the odd fast food joint and Walmart, everything else was shut. Let’s hear it from Gail: You never ever see anybody out and about. Not on Monday, on Tuesday…..ever!

Today we presented our live event LIVE LIFE NOW for the first time!
Part of our presentation is devoted to goal setting. That got me thinking; Do you set goals? If yes, do you take them serious? Do you act upon them or do you live your life like “I want to become a rich, let’s find a good job and see what happens?”

Here is my question: If we never heard of goal setting when we were little, and all you had was your imagination, your ideas and dreams- how far would they carry us?
Do we gravitate towards our own wishes and ideas anyways without manifesting them on paper?
Autsch, it’s official, the prairie makes me mellow, I am writing way too serious stuff.

Right here is the part I should mention my parents, my all too serious, over protective father, my amazing hospitable, overwhelming mother. None of them open to anything fancy like ‘becoming an entrepreneur, dream big, setting goals. What are goals again? Instead of ‘doing what you love doing” the motto of my father was ‘Do what earns a steady income and has a future (become a civil servant!). Enough said.
My parents deserve a whole book devoted to them, therefore I am not even tempted to start with them….you will thank me, believe me!

As my chances are slim to hear from you (?), I will answer my own question.
YES, we are guided by our dreams, wishes and ideas. Take it or leave it, here is part of my story:
When I was little, I fall in love with this man:
There was no question in my mind – ever, I was going to marry a native American!
I wanted to live in an English speaking country, become a writer and if I was lucky enough to have children, I wanted four – four Boys!
Here comes the spooky part: I am married to an American (without hair!), I live in Canada (reminder: they speak – among many other languages, English) I wrote a book and we have four boys (ok, I cheated, one is an exchange student, he is ours on a temporary basis only).

All this without ever knowing what goal setting is? What is that called?
One Happy Mother!
See ‘ya tomorrow!


One thought on “STILL HERE –

  1. You sure know how to motivate and inspire.

    A wonderful day today and again your inspiration shines through. We have learned a great deal, even in the prairies. The most important thing we learned is what it makes of you to follow through and do what you say you will do, no matter what.

    There is something magical that happens when you connect with like-minded people, and bring your differences together…sounds like an oxy-moron…and yet, so very true. Christina and I are so vastly different, and yet so brilliant together. You did a fabulous presentation today, and truly did leave your presence with our guests. You are a beautiful soul and your authentic self was so very appreciated as you shared your life story along with how your desires and dreams were manifested from the very state of focus in the mind. Who ever said…”Dreams don’t come true?”…you are a walking example of what it takes to stay focused and have determination and drive to follow your heart and watch your dreams align with your deepest desires.

    Thank you for taking time away from your family, getting a taste of the flatlands of Canada and spending time with myself and our community. We are forever blessed and I look forward to something greener……in BC. 🙂

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