and definitely not in love!
There is something about this flatness that depresses me – only kidding, nothing ever depresses me!
Rather, it feels like I stepped into yesterday world, straight from a movie set. After seventeen months of looking at the mountains in BC I can honestly say, the prairie is not for me (the power of snow covered mountain ranges makes you fall in love with them.)

Stop whinging Christina and get back to business:
My venture partner Gail and I are facilitating LIVE LIFE NOW here in Weyburn. Our event, nor we, aren’t known (famous!!!) – yet. There is no sponsor, no event manager, no booking agent, no huge crowds waiting for us to hear our pearls of wisdom. All we have is our combined enthusiasm, stories, knowledge, experiences and a deep desire to inspire, help and motivate the ladies to LIVE LIFE NOW.

Today, we were busy was a capital B. We even did last day cold calling for our event at the local community. The employment agency, the Chamber of Commerce, schools, banks and kindergarden got their fair share of a quality ‘Christina & Gail” -motivation pitch.
More shopping had to be done, Gail baked, broiled, printed, decorated and finalized the order of our presentation.
What was my involvement in all of this? I stressed Gail out, reminded her of the next tasks ahead, wrote the shopping list, ironed my shirts (even the folks here on the prairie like to see their presenter in a neatly pressed outfit, so I hope), packed my books and wrote this blog. Fair is fair!

One busy lady!

One busy lady!

Unfortunately, wishing, hoping and praying doesn’t make it far in life if you don’t get up and do your part! Fortunately, we did everything that needed to be done to make it a fantastic day tomorrow. Maybe I should go to bed wishing, hoping and praying for a successful 1 x event tomorrow.
Will see ya; tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “STILL In THE PRAIRIE

  1. There is lots to prepare for when putting together an event…..I am grateful again, that you came to share your wisdom and experience….and I think BC will be the next venue.

    Sometimes, no matter how you attempt to explain to another, what an environment and place is like… just has to be experienced first hand, with their own eyes. NOW YOU KNOW.

    We had a wonderful event today….tweaking what was necessary for a better event tomorrow. Leaves me to think….all those unexpected moments are blessings…and its all about filtering through and finding them. I have enjoyed getting to know you through your life experiences, your tenacity and drive…and she knows how to keep things flowing and on track. At one point, I had to request.. “one thing at a time”…lol. ANd that is why we must build our team with various strength and skills. I cook….and Christina delivers with intention and purpose….a story that inspired and motivates, those whom take the moments to listen are left with a greater awareness that dreams can come true. How cool is that?

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