6prairieSaskatchewan%201As you might remember, we immigrated from The Netherlands to hilly, beautiful B.C. We lived the ‘flat’ lifestyle for 12 long years; long enough to call myself an expert on Lowland – Living, big mistake!

Guess where I am at this right moment: Right in the middle of the Saskatchewan, in a place called Weyburn. If you need help with your bearings, let me help you. It’s a bit further right from where we live, it is the second province to the east from B.C.
Whatever made me think Holland is flat? It is, but not as flat as it is here! Goodness gracious, the prairie is flatter than any pancake you ever baked, flatter than any crepe you ever ate. Let me say it again, it is FLAT in Saskatchewan.

This morning I left from Abbotsford airport, which is just the cutest, most efficient and less crowded airport I have ever been to. With cute I mean, as much as cute can be used to describe an airport.
In order to get to Abbotsford you drive through winding country lanes, picturesque scenery on both sides; the mountains are on the right hand side, the Fraser River on your left. There isn’t a more idyllic way to get to any airport than this.

Coming back to the prairies- my mate Gail picked me up from Regina – (say the name with an English accent – not the German way- and you will know why I have a hard time saying it…) and we headed off to Weyburn. Which is a 100 km ride further down the dirt road with no street lights and road markings. During the car ride I couldn’t get over the fact how flat it is…nothing to see, just a vast vastness.

To make the ride more interesting we shared stories about our past lives. If we had a friendly competition going on there, I pretty much won with my story about the teacher I know: Happily married for 20 years, four children, meets the love of her life and leaves her husband for – another woman! These two ladies move in together, husband is totally devastated (how can a man compete with another woman?), the ex- wife enjoys her new found pleasures. Anyway, after about two years ex wife returns back to her husband. The reason: Her lover cheated on her – with a man!
Yes, truth is stranger than fiction.

You will hear from me tomorrow with an exclusive report on prairie living!


One thought on “IN THE PRAIRIE

  1. Yes you definitely got that one with the “teacher” story. Had me laughing all the way home.

    The prairies is something that has to grow on you, maybe..or perhaps it happens over time. I am still in a constant battle with myself as to my reasons for being here, and not heading back to the beauty of the BC….none the less…it is where i am, for now, and I am so grateful and honored you took the time to visit me and share in this experience. And that is what we can chalk this up to being.

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