2013: Sexiest Man Alive

2013: Sexiest Man Alive!

Have you ever clicked on my Gravatar? If yes, you know what the Very Berry Extraordinary posts are all about. If you haven’t , I will tell you now: I write about our new life here in Vancouver. The truth is, life as immigrants in a new country is as life as citizens in your own country; sometimes it is amazing, smashing, frustrating or extra-ordinary; and sometimes it is just – living life! It is normal as everywhere else. I.e. nothing ever so special happened in our immigrant life today.
So instead of bitching about the current high petrol price, $ 1.49 per liter, I will let you in on one of my best kept secrets. I will share with you who my all time favourite, hottest man alive is! ( I am sure you can’t wait to read about this one…)

Courtesy of willing readers of PEOPLE MAGAZINE, we get an annual update on the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE.
In 2013, the crown goes to Chunning Tatum. Would you argue with this decision? You tell me.
He follows into the footsteps of Bradley Cooper(2011, USA), Ryan Reynolds (2010, Can.),Jonny Depp (2009, USA), Hugh Jackman (2008, Aus.), Matt Damon (2007, USA), George Clooney (2006, USA), Matthew McConaughey (2005, USA), Jude Law (2004, UK), Jonny Depp (2003, USA).

Do you see that the mighty, vastly populated United States has produced more sexy beasts than any other nation on earth?
I will argue with this decision!

Looks are fickle, fashion comes and goes, the new trend or face is waiting around the corner. Looks mean little if you only have looks- no sex appeal, no ‘something’!
Therefore, I want to introduce to you, the most overlooked, undervalued, highly sexy, ever so timeless, witty, cruel, most famous man(?) ever produced. Right, he is a fictitious creature, he doesn’t exist. The actor yes; Mr. Tim Curry wouldn’t make it far in any beauty contest…

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, Very Berry Extraordinary’s Own SEXIEST MAN ever created: Yes, you need to click-
( I am NOT talking about Brad, I am talking about Frank)

I sweear to you, this is no joke! I LOOOOVVVVEEEEE this creature! Whenever I watch this scene I get goosebumps from top to bottom.
What do you think? Desperate housewife syndrome? Or can you relate and agree?


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