definitely not when I sit in a traffic jam, listening to crappy music tunes.
I re-tuned my radio stations and found CBC radio- something similar to BBC radio in England.
Finally, more talk than dumbing down auto/ food/ fashion commercials. This radio station offers a news update as well- NEWS is a word non of the other big commercial radio stations recognizes or respects.
Crawling through the traffic I listened to a beautiful story about being tough. The narrator ended with the question “When do you feel at your toughest?’
Here are some of the answers I loved

– When I change my daughters diapers (told by a father)
– When I wear my Doc Martens
– When I chop an onion without bursting into tears
– When I wear sunglasses inside
– When I ask for a pay rise
– When a woman asks me to open a can for her
– When I need to change a car tire

And me, personally?
I feel toughest when I walk into a bookstore, a copy of Verry Berry Extra-Ordinary in hand, give the manager my best pitch, eye contact and all- and get turned down. It hasn’t happened too often -yet- , still, with this NO I am getting closer to a YES!

When do you feel at your toughest?


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