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Rules and regulations

Rules and regulations

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White Rock, BC   C.Waschko

White Rock, BC C.Waschko

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Cloverdale Rodeo

Cloverdale Rodeo

On this glorious Sunday afternoon half the population of Vancouver’s Lower Mainland area stood in line for the Rodeo in Cloverdale (Dominic and I included)

– the other half was on the beach in White Rock (where we ended up going).

Our much anticipated trip to the Rodeo was cut short due to the fact all their tickets were sold out. Bugger, why didn’t they tell us that before we stood in line for 40 minutes? Our next chance to watch real cowboys would be in Calgary during the Calgary Stampede in July- but that is a 12 hour drive from our house.

On our way back to the car we received the above leaflet from one (friendly!!!!) anti rodeo demonstrator. She told us about modern day techniques to make a horse buck.

Holy Moly! And I was under the impression cowboys still use real wild horses and bulls. Ask a professional cowboy and he will twist and turn this evidence to his liking accordingly.

The day was too young to drive back home. Instead we set out for lovely White Rock. White Rock is the sunniest city in all of Canada. It is chosen as retirement place by many wealthy, healthy (it’s hilly there) pensioners; it is a favourite hang-out spot for day visitors.

Instead of watching horses going crazy, we watched crab trappers doing their business instead. Did you know you can catch crab with raw chicken pieces? Canadian rules and regulations for a crab hunter are intense (see picture above). Only males of a certain size are allowed to be caught. The rest must be thrown back into the water – and only four big ones per crab fisher are allowed to end up in the pot!

See ya tomorrow for day 13!


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