untitledFred and GingerfredandgingergI never had so many magic moments with complete strangers as I have here in Canada.

Moments initiated by random, funny, friendly comments. Most of the time these sound bites lead to more ‘serious’, still non – committal chit – chat with no hidden agenda. My encounters with strangers ranges from an encouraging “Want a ride?” (while I am running up the hill) to long drawn conversations; like the one I had the other day with a photographer in Fort Langley. The latest one in my collection of wonderful moments happened at Starbucks today!

The gentleman in front of me, a casually dressed, handsome, mid 50’s guy placed his order. I didn’t hear what he ordered exactly but I remember his answer when Starbucks girl asked him: “What is your name again?” Instead of the common Peter, Michael or Dylan response, he told her “Fred Astaire.” Ha,ha, I thought that was funny. What was even funnier, Starbucks girl (in her late teens) wrote the name on his cup!

Hearing the dancers name brought flashbacks of happy childhood memories: Saturday afternoons spent in front of the tv, watching dance classics like “Shall we Dance”; Fred Astaire tap dancing across the silver screen with partner Ginger Rogers.
Right there and then, in the queue of Starbucks, I did a little dance routine, spread my arms out wide and yelled “And I am Ginger!”

Fred in front of me turned around, laughing. Ghee, he was happy to see his old dance partner again. Nevertheless, he needed to get it off his chest:”I remember you much taller.” Which I retaliated with “Yes, with my dance heels on. Today I am with the bike, I am wearing Converse.”

Dominic was laughing and so were all the other mid 40’s present in the line up. The Starbucks employees still didn’t get it! Sadly, they never heard about the most famous dance duo in movie history(or is that team Travolta/ Newton-John?). It all depends on how old you are.

The cashier got so confused that he handed Fred’s change into my outstretched hand. He figured (rightly) Fred and Ginger belong together.

The moral of the story? If you are a middle – aged man (or woman) stay away from the young ones! They wouldn’t even know the songs you whistle to – or you movies you used to watch. And how much fun can that be?

See ya ‘tomorrow. We are off to the Rhodeo in Cloverdale.


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