Yesterday, citizens of BC went to the polls. Today, we hear the province wants the same old, same old.

In a few weeks, our household has to vote if we want to grant our Korean exchange student Joey a second term in our home!

2013-04-26 12.59.16

Last year in September we said yes without hesitation. We had the wonderful opportunity to offer a young boy a home away from home. All it took was a firm handshake plus the promise to offer board and three square meals a day. Back then it was the beginning of a new adventure.  Soon we need to decide if we want the same old without him, or the same old with him.

Cooking or doing the laundry for a sixth family member doesn’t bother me – what bothers me is his mess! His room is a minefield of scattered dirty, clean, wet, dry clothes. Wrappings of candy bars, Korean noodle packs, books, writing utensils, cologne etc I am sure you get the picture!

Our boys have already said Yes to a second term. Joey has successfully slurped and gamed himself into the hearts of this adopted brothers. Dominic and I are more fussy.  We will only offer him a second term if he promisses to

– put his dirty towels (plus clothes) into his laundry basket – and doesn’t leave them on the bathroom floor  (maid service please!)  One day we actually run out of fresh ones, they were scattered around his wc- he uses a fresh one every day!

– he agrees to hand in all his hand-held electronic devises after 10 pm. That will be a tough one, he is on them all night!

– he throws away his earphones. He loves the buzz in his ears all day long; you can’t talk to that kid – you need to yell!  He can’t hear you! (or doesn’t want to hear you) .

– obeys  my ‘get outside rule. This is another tough one! Joey loves our men den, his computer and the spacious indoors!  Guess for how long he can sit in front of the computer for? Guess again! NINE (!!!) hours! Even for a hard-wired  Korean computer geek I think this is a bit much

– he stops taking 30 minute long midnight showers!

What I don’t care about is how he spends his parents money: He only buys the best of the best. For him that is everything with the name NIKE on it!  I send my boys to the SALE aisle, Joey hits straight to New Releases!

See ya tomorrow for day 9 of my 22 day challenge!

Am I happy about a second term?

Am I happy about a second term?



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