she is a woman!

The Dream Team!    C.Waschko

The Dream Team! C.Waschko

She is my joint venture partner! Teaming up with somebody else? Me? No way, I like to be in control! Now I changed my mind; what happened?  Do I get older and wiser?  Do girls have more fun together?The answers will be two times yes, and the second answer needs to be seen!.

On post six of my 22 day challenge I want to update you on one of the various book promotion plans I put into action: I talk –  and created a fun, inspirational presentation “Dream & Dare to make it Happen!”. ..

Writing about talking, this is where Gails gets into the picture! She likes to talk too, but in a different manner and vastly about different topics! Gail is a Quantum Leap Strategist, a Life Coach with over 20 years of experience! Gail knows how to change a mindset- I know how to get you off your arse and do what needs to be done! I know how to help you find your USP (Unique Selling Point) and how to take advantage of this something!  With our two very different skill sets we put a workshop together.

Gail already offers LIVE LIFE NOW through her company; with me as partner we gave it a totally different spin!  Are you curious? Please read about it here:


This worshop is the first in a line of events we have planned throughout the Vancouver and Regina area!

I like the idea of talking myself onto a Bestsellers List. What do you think? Noble, dumb, old fashioned, too time consuming, exciting, hard work … I would love to hear about your approach on making the list (bestsellers- that is)

See ya tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “I Have a NEW PARTNER,

  1. Sounds great, Christina, great to see how you again know how to build up from scratch and go for it! Big hugs from the old world – wether it’s through great cappucino and muffins or through ‘Live Life Now’ – you’re affecting peoples lives! Thanks for the example, it motivates my day!

    • Hi Robert, great compliment, ghee, thanks! Oh well, you know how it is, you have to start somewhere and there is no better time than NOW! You are right, instead of coffee and cakes I am selling ‘myself’what’s the difference? ha,ha Stay well!

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