DUTY and OBLIGATION of a citizen

We have a General Election coming up here in BC on May14! Our call of Duty has arrived a few weeks ago- and blimey, until this morning I was under the impression we are not allowed to vote – we aren’t Canadian Citizens – yet! This morning I read the small print and yeep, panic sat in: We are allowed to make our voices heard!

2013-05-11 15.10.48

Ha, the only problem is, we don’t have the slightest idea who deserves our vote! I have three more days to read myself more clever to make an informed, educated and logical (for us) decision on Tuesday.

2013-05-11 13.50.53

If we want to see changes or support the status quo, we need to make our voices heard! If there is something to vote for or against, I am in. It’s important to have an opinion, to stand for something or somebody- non of these wishy-washy answers like “doesn’t really matter, you decide for me, I don’t really care”,  for me. Three more days to read to get informed…

In business I always support the undeerdog, the independent business owner,- never a franchise or a corporation. They both kill creativity, the second one is too big to care about me as customer! In politics I always vote for one of the two big ones – to me that makes more sense than supporting the independent party who can’t make a change yet!

BC’s current Premier is Mrs. Christy Clark, a Liberal, challenged by Mr. Adrian Dix from the NDP (New Democratic Party). Like everywhere else in the world, the reigning party gets shit what what they did and what they are currently doing and the opposition promises to do everything better or different. As I am not quite sure what exactly goes on in Party Land, I can’t bore you with political jargons, promises or statements. All I know is,  I will be ready by Tuesday.

One of the big ones for me is the current debate to build a 1177 km long twin pipeline to carry app. 525.000 barrels of petroleum per day (!) from Bruderheim, Alberta to Kitimat in B.C.

Mrs. Clarks loves the idea of building the pipeline, to create local jobs and more prosperity to the Province. The original plan was to sell the petroleum to the Chinese, but as I just heard, they pulled out of the deal. Mr. Dix is soooo anti pipeline. One of his objections is based on the environmental impact a leak would cause- can you imagine?  Good thinking Mr.!

I need to check on healthcare, education, college tuitions, job prosperity, economic growth…it will be a weekend spend reading! But again, you will see us at the voting booth- it is our right and our obligation!


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