WHEN It’s HARD to be a WOMAN

On day three of my 22 – day challenge I want to enlighten and delighten you about the most frustrating ‘thing’ we women face on a more or less regular basis!

If you think I am referring to                                                                                              Our daily shower-shave-make-up routine,  Finding yet another excuse not to have sex (“I don’t feel like it” is a statement, – not an excuse), – Getting our period whilst out and about, wearing white pants, – Getting a flat tire in the middle of nowhere and realizing: Dad has forgotten to show us how to change one of these, or Learning that getting pregnant is easier than raising children, please think again!

All these above are slight inconveniences – they come with the territory of being a woman! No, what I am refering to is the agonizing, time consuming quest to shop for the perfect dress!

Nothing, absolutely nothing compares to the fruitless outcome of wandering through the mall, visiting one shop after the other, trying on countless items and still come home empty handed. You have the vision in your head, you have the money, and still can’t find what you came for.

My fashionable Self at the beginning of my quest   C.Waschko

My fashionable Self at the beginning of my quest C.Waschko

I’ve done the mall walk many times over, this time I went to Value Village instead- at least their dresses won’t shrink or fade anymore!

A fun shop for all of us who like a good challenge!  C. Waschko

A fun shop for all of us who like a good challenge! C. Waschko

At my age (younger than Madonna, older than Nicole Kidman) I prefer to shop for something that suits me rather than what is in fashion.  My body type (taller than, but less trim and muscular than Madonna, more toned than Nicole) calls for a dress that ends above the knee. If you have short legs, anything below the knee makes them look even shorter.

This one is too long, with the wrong pattern   C.Waschko

This one is too long, the wrong pattern.    C.Waschko

This one is too short, need a tan first     C. Waschko

This one is too short, need a tan first                               C. Waschko

I love sleeveless outfits – then I notice my upper arms are more flabby than “normal” these days. Ok, no sleeveless for me today. Something low cut is pretty cool too- but only if you can fill out the cleavage bit! Here again, this one comes off the list. I like a slim cut, not a tight fit! The difference between figure hugging and tight is choosing between looking like a pro or a sausage – here we go again, we are back to sausages!

Nice one... for somebody else!   C.Waschko

Nice one… for somebody else! C.Waschko

What about colours or patterns?  This is another, all too serious matter altogether. As a matter of fact I know, green, brown or lilac doesn’t suit me, vertical stripes make us look fat. One of my favourite colours is blue- the problem is, I own way too many shades of blue already!

How difficult is it to find a good fitting, half sleeve, knee length dress with a round neck? Very! I couldn’t find it at Value Village either!

Dear husbands, boy-friends or partners of sorts, do you see how difficult it is for a woman to find the perfect something? (not you, the dress)!

The next time your respected spouse comes home with her new outfit please give her a hug, pay her a compliment and don’t look at the price tag! Most likely she went through hell finding what she came home with!

I will see ya’ tomorrow!


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