A Canadian Delicacy: POUTINE

We Germans have a love affair with sausages!


If I have to name two of my countrys’ obsessions, it has to be soccer and sausages!  We even have the big North – South divide: The folks down in Bavaria love their Weisswurst;

That's the Bavarian way

That’s the Bavarian way

whereas we in the North can’t stand that stuff; we prefer our harty currywurst!


What soccer and sausages are to a German is hockey and Poutine to a Canadian! Let me introduce to you, the National Dish of Canada:


Poutine is the ridiculous combination of French fries, sprinkled with cheese curd (or melted cheese), drowned in gravy!!! 

Don’t be fooled by its appearance, it may sound disgusting, it tastes heavenly!

Nobody really knows whom to thank for this discovery; the French fry is hardly a Canadian invention!  (It is generally accepted that the fries were invented by either the French or the Belgians).

Poutine was born in rural Quebec in the 1950’s- but as I just said, not one person can  claim being the inventor! Like many good things in life, poutine was created by accident.

One serving of crazy fries has more calories than you can consume in a whole week! It is  one of these “I have to be in the mood”- “I had one beer too many” – dishes!  

Enjoying Canadas National dish goes hand in hand with eating a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream or polishing off a 200gr Milka chocolate bar- you know it’s not good for you, but your body tells you, do it anyway. You feel drawn to the darker, more greasy side of life- you want to live on the wild side of the menu card!  

If you are planning to visit beautiful Canada, make sure you get your fix of soggy, cheesy, salty fries- there is nothing like it!

Whereas a good sausage can go with every meal, Poutine has to be reserved for the next special occassion! Mothers Day perhaps?  

See ‘ya tomorrow!


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