…when dropping off their children at school.

Parents are the same all around the world: We only want the best for our kids and bugger the rest!

When it comes to waving good-bye to their precious ones, parents park their cars everywhere, regardless of whose driveway it is, what is in front-, besides or behind them.

It’s the same old scene every moring, regardless of where you are in the world! What my Dutch buddies do with their bikes – leave them everywhere- my new Canadian parent friends do with their cars-  leave them everywhere! I just love it, it proves the point we are only people, regardless of where we live ! Canadians may be ueber friendly, but for these 2 minutes in the morning they are as ignorant, over protective and arrogant as the rest of the world wide parent group!

This madness is bad enough during dry, sunny days- imagine what is going on when it’s raining… need I say more?

I can wash my hands in innocence, I am not part of this group- I prefer to bitch about them and make my boys walk!

Strolling home   photo: C. Waschko

Strolling home photo: C. Waschko

Now that this is off my chest, it is time to cook dinner- again- I will see you tomorrow!

Just a reminder, this was the first entry of my 22 day challenge!





  1. Amen sister! I have 4 children and I detest being in the “car line” to pick up, but the drop off is the worst! Our schools have a well defined line you must pull through to deliver your child. But I have issues….. 1) you knew you were getting close..why aren’t you ready to get out? 2) please pull all the way up to the “unload here” sign so multiple cars can unload at once and 3) if they are old enough to be in school they can unfasten their own seat belts! so drivers please remain in your car! Don’t get me wrong, I want my children to have sweet memories of mom lovingly sending them off to school, but the reality is I’m usually fussing at them to get their stuff together and while pulling to a rolling stop I’m yelling “Hurry up! Get out! Make good choices!”

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