It happened the morning after night skiing! What exactly happened I am not sure about – all I knew is this: I loaded up the washing machine, turned to the left and something went ‘CRACK’ in my lower back!

Uuh, autsch, I couldn’t get up, let alone walk. With the slowest of movements, in hunchback position, I shuffled to our office, sat down and wished for the pain to be over! Was that a glimpse of my future?  I, the old woman, home alone, crippled with pain? Nope, pain makes you think silly thoughts!


I made myself as comfortable as possible behind the computer and started my thought process: “Relax Christina, it will be over in a few minutes, you will be fine!”  Yeah, right. During the next few hours positive thinking turned into wishful thinking. Instead of sending out press releases I read  You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay. Her verdict on lower back pain, Fear of money. lack of financial support. Her mantra for remedy is,  “Life supports all of my thoughts; I love and approve of myself and all is well.”

I am not sure if I fear making money, but I know I am not worried about financial support. Therefore, Miss Hays can’t help me. Instead, I had to asked a ‘real’ doctor to check me out. Don’t ask me how I got in my car and how slow and painful the drive to his office was – all I will tell you that it took 45 instead of 10 minutes.

After a short examination and various questions, the doctor came up with her verdict: “It’s a slipped disc, these things can just happen, live your normal life, don’t do anything crazy and the disc will slip back.”

I believe in the Law of Attraction, in the Power of Visualization, in Mind over Matter… I love and approve of myself….but when it comes to physical pain, I believe in the  products of our almighty pharmaceutical industry!  Don’t give me a mantra, give me drugs! They are bad for me? I don’t care, I am in pain! Give me small, magic pills! That afternoon in the doctors’ office I prayed for a prescription – and the prayer was answered: I received two weeks worth of pain relief!

In the world of Miss Hays, a slipped disc stands for  “Feeling unsupported by Life. Indecisive.” Her mantra, “Life supports all of my thoughts; therefore I love and approve of myself and all is well.”

Unsupported by life? I am not sure about that one – don’t we get out what we put in? If  we feel life doesn’t support us then we are not trying hard and long enought. If we are unhappy with our situation then we have to change it- This is what I believe in and what I live by! Sorry Louise, I can’t relate –

Being indecisive? This is something I can relate to more!  True, I can be indecisive at times – there are so many marketeers bombarding me with their different products and services- I wasn’t sure which path to follow or what to focus on!  Therefore, I took the time and looked at my options: Shall I persue my new life as an author half heartedly or with everything I got? Will I do everyrthing, I mean really everything in my power to get me where I want to be?  Verdict: Yes I will! The decision was made!

Today, nearly one week later, I am as good as new! I The pain is gone, I can walk  tall again.  Most of the drugs are still in their container. I used my common sense, rested, stayed away from doing crazy things (as if I would ever do anything like that-) and loved myself even more!

2013-04-22 14.55.12

Thank you slipped disc and Louise Hay for letting me know it was time to make a decision!





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