Christina Waschko VS Sheryl Sandberg

These days it is pretty hard for me to stay focused on the task at hand – to keep you updated on our new life here in B.C! There is so much going on in media land which diverts my attention. It started off with 70 year old granddads  (Rolling Stones)  who are out to fill stadiums,- now there is a lady who gets serious press coverage for her book “Lean In”.

Who is she? Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer at Facebook.

Her message: For “women to lean in to the opportunities and challenges of becoming a boss”  (Times, March 18, 2013, page 36). In other words,: Ueber ambitious ladies, don’t get side tracked by family commitments or other nonsense, focus on reaching the top of a corporation!

Her connections: She is most likely the best connected woman in the whole world and probably the most powerful woman in America (Times, March 18).

Her education: Two (!) Harvard degrees

Married: To a very wealthy man.

Her target audience: The selected few, women who are on a serious power trip already or who are planning of doing so.

Her industry: Something we didn’t have 20 years ago!

On dreams: I have no idea if she ever had any!

Why it sucks: She is preaching to the converted. A woman who really wants, does!

Who am I?

Christina Waschko: CEO of household operastions in the Waschko family.

2013-04-12 16.02.55

My message: To ignite the spark in every woman’s heart! “Stop making excuses and pursue your dream- let it be personal or business related!”

My connections: 138 Facebook friends, 124 LinkedIn connections plus my parents; They can’t be found on any IT hook-up , but I hope they still count- or not?

My education: University of Life and a degree in Common Sense.  The only way I will ever see an Ivy League School, or Harvard for this matter, is while sitting on top of the double-decker tour bus.

Married: To a very – nice – man.

My industry: Something we had forever, a good ol’fashioned, personal contact business: Running a coffee lounge!

On dreams: I have plenty!  So far, many of them came true!

On why the book bothers me: It is written for a few – but will be read by the masses.

Whereas my book is written for the masses and have been read by few – so far!

My thoughts on female High Flyers: I will bet, most women don’t really care about the whole corporate, power game. Given a choice, most of us would rather live the happy, fun life with a loving husband, kids  and working a job of our choice (which makes us enough money) than running a billion Dollar company. Please correct me if you feel I am stuck in Yesterdayworld.

The few who prefer careers over happy family life don’t need a whole book devoted to their course. They will suppress the urges of their biological clock to do what it takes to get them to the top of anything (oops, don’t read anything into that one).

If they can’t suppress their desire to become a mother, they will manage to squeeze in a baby or two in between negotiating and signing contracts. All that in turn relates to a few more neglected, spoilt, emotionally unstable children who see more of their nanny than their mother. Each to their own!

Appeal: The world needs to read about “VERRY BERRY EXTRA-ORDINARY“, written by an ordinary woman who made one of her dreams come true.

And less about jobs in higher places, written by an extra-ordinary woman who doesn’t need to dream!

Life as a -still – unknown author can be challenging at times, especially in the beginning phase. I know I can’t beat her, therefore I will join her! With this, I will lean in and get connected to people who I really should connect with: Sheryl, I will call you later…


3 thoughts on “Christina Waschko VS Sheryl Sandberg

  1. so very true, christina. your words are exectly my oppinion!!! unbelieveble!!!! as if you looked into my head. you rock! your book rocks! everybody should read it! it’s hilarious, but also about reality, and very much inspirering!!!!

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