Not many things can wind me up, but here is one of them:

During my school run this morning I heard this: The Rolling Stones are on the road again and have announced nine cities for their North America tour (Vancouver isn’t one of them!). Tickets are up for grabs for as high as $ 500 each. No, the price didn’t shock me- over charging, over-greedy rock starts and bands are out everywhere. What made me hit the ditch was this one: Mick Jagger and Keith Richards will be 70 (!!!) this year!

WHY? Why on earth do they still want to perform? Do these men have a serious ego problem? At their age they should be gracing the cover of “Wealthy Retirement!” But no, they are heading straight into the Guinness Book for “Oldest Farts on Stage!”

What I find most disturbing is that Mick is only one year older than my father Siggi! Can I see my Dad strutting his stuff? No, he is my father; he is the granddad to my children!  I wouldn’t want to see him anywhere near a stage. I want to see him dancing with my mom- not to make a fool of himself in front of an audience. Is my dad a rock star? NO

2012-09-08 20.33.07

To me, there are only two associations with The Stones:  Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, which equals Sex and Drugs! The two ingredients associated with being a rock star- kept alive by these two!

Even Dominic, one of their biggest fans, doesn’t want to fly to Vegas to watch them play! He learned from his mistake back in Amsterdam when he took our teenager to watch the oldies from Aussieland, AC DC. His verdict: Way too loud and SAD!

WHY? WHY can’t The Rolling Stones leave a good thing alone? Why can’t they leave their fans with the memory of what has been? And why for Christ sake do they want to charge $ 500 bucks per ticket? With their fame and fortune they should offer one last farewell concert for free- as a THANK YOU for loyal support over 50 years!


Hold it Christina, you are NOT a rock star! You only know how it feels to teach an awesome aerobics class in front of 50 participants or to cater for 100 guests in your coffee lounge. You have no idea how it feels to be applauded and cheered on by thousands of people- right! I can see myself sitting behind the computer at 70. Hopefully by then I have figured out what all the buttons and functions mean! I can still see myself tying my running shoes or doing yoga. But I have a problem with making a fool of myself.

It is obvious these men haven’t discovered what any sensible man (my father included) should know: Keep it simple, only ever marry one woman. If you have an affair make sure the lady doesn’t get pregnant. Divorce proceedings and alimony are expensive- so I hear; not to forget about certain drug habits. They cost a fortune to maintain and to keep you alive costs probably even more!

At least, this explains their ticket prices.

Or is this all wrong? Did I get it all mixed up? Should I see The Rolling Stones as an inspiration to all of us? Are they a prime example of Do what you Love doing and keep on doing it – up to old age? An age where most men already suffered their first stroke or heart attack, had hip replacement and trying to chase after their grand kids?

Nope! Think what you want, I stick to my original statement: LEAVE IT ALONE GUYS!


2 thoughts on “LEAVE it ALONE GUYS!

  1. I have to think about this, and it is thought provoking… An initial thought of mine when I heard they were touring was is it more the spectacle of the show, or is it their music? If I was an artist I would want people to come and see me for the music.

    In the case of the Rolling Stones I’m not sure it is for the music…

    But of course, another side of me says, if you didn’t know how old you are, how old would you be?

    My father-in-law is 99 and still thinks he’s 49, it is that attitude, along with good genes, that has kept him alive, I guess!

    Take care, Baz

    • Initial reaction: Would love to meet your father in law! Second one: The Stones are Living History! My teenage son who is 16 wouldn’t want to see them ’cause he doesn’t really care, and my die-hard fan of a husband totally agrees with me. The question is: Who is going to watch them? I know, thousands- ! Still, not me- If you are in Blues orJazz then your age is an advantage- NOT in ROCK’n ROLL! Happy climbing!

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