WINNERS aren’t BORN, they are MADE!

Last year they started out as a loose bunch of High School students – with no ties or connections to each other. The only bond between them was their shared love for the game, to play soccer! They were categorized as the bronze team, the lowest team to play in.

Yesterday, they were crowned undisputed Winners and Champions in their league!

2013-03-09 10.40.08

Our Bulldogs team went straight to the top in 23 undefeated (!!!) matches; come rain, come shine or snow! We travelled to the furthest places ( to a German that is, for a Canadian it’s just around the corner) or played in our own neighbourhood. We mothers huddled together under big umbrellas, sat on cold benches, wrapped in blankets or sleeping bags, we made the most of every cold morning!

Yesterday, it all came to a crescendo! God, my heart warms and jumps with joy when I see our healthy, strong, dedicated and handsome (!) sons!

2013-03-08 19.43.36

It all comes down to a good leader or coach, right? Somebody who can awaken the giant within you? Somebody who will start a burning desire to succeed, somebody who will let you know ‘we stand strong as one, together as a team’.

When you read this it sounds quite sophisticated, complicated, technical or challenging, wouldn’t you agree? At the end of the day, a coach can make or break the team!

Who needs Antony Robbins when three highly motivated fathers can do the same thing? Three dads who wanted to spend some more time with their lads in the evening! Let me call them Phil, Zack and John.

All they did was put on their coaching suits, were their own quirky, goofy selves and – Voila – magic happened. To this day I don’t know if our coaching dads play soccer themselves (they know about the rules though) or if they have any coaching experiences.

I don’t believe I just wrote this, silly me! Of course they do. They are fathers, they are raising children and they just created winners! Whatever they did, they sprinkled the right amount of pixy dust onto our sons; to bring the best out in them; to make them run faster, shoot harder; try harder!

How did they do it – apart from sprinkling the dust? Don’t ask me, I am only the mother who supplied transportation and watched from the side lines! All I remember is their laughter during practice, high fives, our Christmas party, paintballing on a glorious Sunday morning, ice-creams at Dairy Queen, encouraging words during matches and in emails, shouting, yelling, more laughter and encouraging words to our goalie when the occassional, unstoppable ball slipped through his fingers.

Could it be that simple? The magic formula for success is HAVE FUN & JUST DO IT?

Dear coaches, I bow my head in admiration: You taught our sons to believe!

2013-03-04 21.11.08

To believe in themselves and in their team! Thank you!


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