Dear all,

                                           I am taking a break from reporting about our new life here   in the greater Vancouver area, Instead, I am going to invite you to celebrate   INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY with me!

To celebrate our wonderful species I decided to offer a

24 hour FREE download of “VERRY BERRY EXTRA-ORDINARY” on iTunes!

Here is your link:

Your time starts midnight, Friday, March 8, 2013 PST
If you are in Europe, remember we are 9 hours behind, i.e. you are ahead of us; your clock starts ticking from 9am onwards on Friday morning  (GMT)
If you are in Sydney, I believe you are even further ahead of us, 12 hours I believe!
Oh well, I am sure you can all figure out the math!
                                                              HAPPY READING &
                                                   HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY CELEBRATION!
                                                      A Toast to Very Berry Extra Ordinary
P.S. Gentlemen, go ahead with your download – I won’t tell!
P.S.S. Here is a comment of a happy, chappy reader:

…However your book grabbed my complete attention early on and I read cover to cover in two days with three or four sittings. I loved what you wrote! I don’t read novels, yet one of the enticing things about your book was the feel of a suspense thriller theme that kept me dying to know what would happen next in the Strawberry Lounge saga! It was funny, believable, entertaining, educational and exciting all at the same time!

Anna Goldsworthy  The Possibility Detective™


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