It has only been a year since our children started their school education here in Canada! The system of being politically correct has rubbed off on them. Our 10 year old junior made it clear, crystal clear that I am a racist if I use certain words. There is no more freedom of speech for me in my own home – from now onwards I need to watch what I am saying when I am around the little man (our son).


I already hold the title of Worse mother ever. This honour is bestoved to me whenever I tell our son to get off the xbox- i.e. I hear this daily. Does that bother me? No, not really. Being called names comes with the job description and territory as soon as you enter motherhood.

Being a bad mother is one thing,  but being a racist?  Not so flatering!


It all started with the big Oscar presentation last Sunday. We were talking about Seth MacFarlane, the talented creator of Family Guy. Did you know that Seth does the voice overs for Peter, Brian and Stewie? Good for you, I didn’t! The next question to ask the boys was : Who does the voice over for the black guy, what’s his name again?”

BEEP “Mom, you are a racist! You need to call him an African American.”

When I tell our boys I had dinner with their Korean brother, I am called a racist. If I refer to him as an Asian boy, I am a racist too! If I call him Joey, nobody knows whom I talking about. To call him our exchange student makes sense, but then nobody knows where he is from – and to call him a ‘brother from a different mother and father’ is too much of a mouthful. So, what do I call him? Can you see my dilema here?

Whenever I refer to the hyper boy in the class  I am say “The boy with an issue.”

If I point out the correct term for a child with Down Syndrome I am corrected with “He is different, he has an issue too.”

And while  I am scribbling about being politically correct, here is another good one:

Our junior has been asked to go on a playdate. Junior doesn’t want to go but doesn’t want to say no. His mom needs to deliver the message. My good old German self spills it out, the way it is: “Sorry, Cruz doesn’t want to play with you today.” This sentence is plain, simple and to the point! This reply was BEEPED!

I needed to say: “Sorry, Cruz doesn’t feel like playing with you today! Perhaps another time? Tomorrow?”

Man, this is exhausting! The saying rings true You are never too old to learn – or keep your mouth shut! With this, I need to get myself a drink…

2013-02-24 18.16.48



4 thoughts on “NOW I AM a RACIST

  1. LOL
    Good one ‘mama’ 😀
    Similar scenario happened in this house as well… Started with me referring to our large cat (Fat Cat)!
    Trey gets offended and kneels down and covers the cat’s ears…
    Fearing that mom’s words would traumatized the cat, he corrects me, ((mom, he’s overweight not ‘fat’))
    Thax for the blog. When you figure out how to be politically correct, kindly enlighten us 😀

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