I unleashed the beast – aka myself! The mission of  controlled exposure has begun. So far I had no dinner, late dinners or rushed dinners on a daily basis. Our youngest son got early good night kisses from me because his mad mother was off networking, socializing and spreading the good news of her arrival around the lower mainland area!

Along the trip I met some amazing women- and they all know about my book now! Yes, I still do it the old fashioned way, I mingle and talk about my project face to face. For the cyber exposure I need to get myself an IT marketing guru. For now, personal contact has to be enough!. Let me give you a quick account of what happened.

Monday: I met with a couple who tempted me with a brilliant business opportunity – in my own time, with fantastic monetary rewards! Of course I went, how can I say no to ‘brilliant?’ Dominic smelled multilevel marketing from a mile away! But I went anyway, just to prove him wrong.

Do I need to spill it out? Dominic was right (as usual). Yes it was multilevel marketing; and no, I am not interested in selling insurance (of all things) to my new friends.

Verdict: Petrol money and time wasted! I gave them my card, but they didn’t look like a couple who would enjoy a good read about ‘mother-preneurialship’. They love their network-insurance-marketing too much! Serves me right- why did I fall for that cheesy éasy money’pich anyway!

Tuesday: Monthly meeting of Golden Ears Writers club! Now, this is more my cup of tea. This presentation was all about the right and wrongs of writing for magazines!

Verdict: Time well spent! Bonus point, I connected with the presenter, a successful writer!

2013-01-19 13.22.06

Wednesday: Meet-Up group in White Rock to LoveLaughInspire! The location itself was a bit out of my way, – but the reward was / is fantastic! See, good things come to those who will travel…(I just made that up). White Rock definately offered their best; it became a night to remember! We spent an evening of laughter, fun filled , deep and meaningful conversations together! The ladies even bought my book!

Verdict: Petrol money and time well spent!

Thursday: Heart Link Network group here at our local community! Guess whom I sat next to on the couch? An independant consultant from the same insurance company I mentioned above! It’s a small world after all!  Meeting her made me laugh, there must be a lots of unhappy folks out there in need of a new or different insurance!  To tell you the truth, it wasn’t as heartfelt and warm as on Wednesday; this was a business group, not an inspiring, loving, laughing meet-up. Nevertheless, we laughed and we shared our stories. It was as interesting as on Wednesday, just more business like! Now I know what mothers do in their free time, e.g. they design jewellery, they heal, they organize homes, they consult on colours, they design wegpages or they work with multilevel marketing companies… the list goes non!

Verdict: Time well spent and yes, they know about my book now, Here are the extra bonuses: I will get a free make-over on Monday from one of the Mary Kay ladies and won myself two tickets for a fun, glam Oscar night at our local arts studio! Ladies, I will be back!

Friday: The choices for today are a) watching 24 on tv or b) watching the musical 9 to 5 at Garibaldi High School. All I need to do is decide where to meet more innocent people I can talk to about my book!



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