Sometimes a father and his sons need bonding time – the activity of choice was a trip to a Walmart Supercentre for a delightful, deal seeking afternoon of happy spending. It was the perfect opportunity for a Me, Myself and I time at the comfort of our own home.

The last item on my compiled shopping list was a ‘good priced ($ 10.00), waterproof mascara’. This is a simple enough item to buy- so I though –  and started filling up the bathtub.

2012-10-14 11.47.28

Unbeknownst to me I sent my poor guys on a wild goose chase around the vast isles of the beauty department. Faced with the impossible task to make his wife happy (to find the right product at the right price), I received a desperate phone call from within the cosmetics section:”What colour did you say you wanted, brown, black or blue?”

2012-10-14 11.57.12

One minute late the phone rang again:”What exactly do you want to achieve? Thicker, longer. more defined and separated leshes? Or rather ‘glossy, big,. bold, natural lashes?’ 2012-10-14 11.57.51

Another phone call later I was asked:”Would you like the ‘fusion edition?’, the ‘mega power’, the Çolossus’or rather the eye brightening effect?’

I haven’t been asked that many questions about a product since I first started buying nappies. But I love the fact that Dominic takes his task serious! And yes, he succeeded with this impossible task. He came home with a $6.99 black, waterproof device that promises to ‘deliver the million Dollar look!’ Don’t you just love a man who thinks like you do?

My point is? Just a reminder that we are surrounded by an abundance of choices (but you knew that already)! Apart from that: We are all sales people! Take the product developers, marketers and professional sales folks aside. On a daily basis we are ‘selling ourselves’, aka our personality, to get something fixed, exchanged, borrowed, agreed upon, cancelled, excused, extended… you see my point. The real reminder is, we all have something unique within us! If we know what it is and use it properly, our I – Brand becomes extra-ordinary!

Or in more simple terms: Ladies, if you are in need of a peaceful afternoon, send your family shopping – make a long list and add one ímpossible’ item to find. Learn from my mistake and give explicit, detailed instructions on the product you desire – or switch off your phone!.


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