My fellow participants at the party only shrugged and laughed at me when I enquired about their new years resolutions. Oh you facetious “know-it-alls”!

But it rings true, at our age ( 35 and up)  we all have walked the path of broken promises too many times before. By now we know to keep our mouth shut! The trend among our party crowd is to be the best parent, employer, employee, neighbour, daughter, son, friend or aquaintant we can be on a daily basis..

New years eve is now an excuse for a fun filled get-together and for the children a great reason to stay up late; not the big divide between the old and new anymore.

During our traditional new years run Dominic put it more eloquently: “We are still young enough to hope ( for mankind, our planet and ourselves) and old enough to know better.”

This is a short, sweet, simple and extra-ordinary message, wouldn’t you agree?

On a personal level I decided to experience 52 new ‘ideas’ during the 12 months ahead. My book will be launched in mid January and I made a firm commitment to myself to do as many public speaking engagements, book signings and presentations as I can to get this book on the bestsellers list on Amazon ( Any tips and strategies from you are welcome and much appreciated)! This alone will take care of most of these 52 new experiences.


Nevertheless, there are a few, very different and oh so personal challenges on the list. Here are two of them:

To sing karaoke in a pub and to do a

back flip off a diving board or in the grass, which ever strikes me the easiest.

(Any tips and strategies from you are welcome and much appreciated)!

My inability to sing karaoke bothers me for years. I have no problem to talk in front of a crowd or teach aerobics classes, but when it comes to singing in public my neurotransmitters refuse to connect with their appropriate connectors accordingly.

And the back flip? Ever since I’ve seen circus artists perform their magic I wanted to do the same- but so far I never did!

I made a promise to myself to look after these two ‘shortcomings’ in my life.             2013 will be the year to make it happen!


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