The biggest mysteries growing up were the neatly dressed men and women standing on street corners, holding up a copy of ‘Watchtower’. They never talked to us, we never talked to them. Mom always hustled us along, telling us (my brother and me) they are ‘weirdos’. Sometimes, these neatly dressed people rang on our door bell – only to get the door shut back firmly into their faces once it was opened.

2012-12-13 11.56.44

These humans remained a big question mark for all these years –  until recently that is. Blame it on curiosity, too much time on my hands, the Christmas spirit, my ongoing quest to learn something new or the simple fact that Canadians are so friendly, I opened our door to let Jehova’s witnesses into our house and into my life!

I am receiving a weekly, complimentary bible discussion. All my questions are  answered in the comfort of my own home.

2012-12-13 11.51.10

So far we covered the main differences between them and me: e.g. no birthday parties for them, a big bash for me.

No Christmas celebration for Jehova’s witnesses, they don’t recognize December as the birth month of Jesus – my religion said yes to the date and I will bring it on, year after year.

I got enlightened about the reason why we get old and must die – in the biblical sense that is. It has something to do with what Eve did to Adam in Paradise. (Ladies, it rings true to this day and age: We have the power to break or make a man! Be wise and very careful on how to use this power!)

They triggered my memory on the ‘fact’ that Satan stands for ‘the opposer’. Satan,  a fallen angel from Gods own crew.


Furthermore they let me into the WHY, WHEN and WHAT will happen next.

It is all fascinating stuff. Years of religious education from school is coming back to me. I am not sure if the ladies are on a mission to convert me – I put the cards on the table from day one: No converting, just talking!  But if they are, they are doing a good job of  ‘selling’ me GOD. Religion is truly a funny topic, we are all looking for the same things, we just use different vehicles to get where we want to be!

So far, I made only one mistake along the road to a ‘different truth’: I called my parents! I shared the good news that they don’t need to worry about the neatly dressed people anymore. They are no bogy men! Big mistake! Now, I am responsible for their sleepless nights and nightmares. They are convinced “I will get seduced and lulled into the big religious trickery where one submits ones own free will and becomes a slave of the belief”. Their words, not mine!  Where did they read that one? They are worried I might leave husband and kids in exchange for standing on street sorners, holding up a little brochure.

 We fear and judge what we don’t know about! Interesting, isn’t it? I better don’t tell them I started reading  “Dianetcs” by L.Ron Hubbard…

By all means, I am not extra-ordinary by letting Jehova’s witnesses into my home. If a rabbi would knock I would talk to him too, as well as anybody else who holds a different belief for that matter. Being extra-ordinary is more about being curious about something new and different – and to keep an open mind to accept or reject it into ones own life.

True Religion? For some it is expensive denim – or-  whatever makes us happy!


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