This morning I had two posts forming in my head. One is a compiled list of personality traits required to live a happy life here in Canada. The other one is to add my perls of wisdom to the current discussion on prank calls!

The list has to wait, I need to get this one off my chest first: You are most certainly aware of the English nurse who took her life after fallen victim to a prank call made by two DJ’s, pretending to be the Queen and her husband..


Personally, I think the idea of pretending to be the Queen of England is funny; to get away with it is even funnier. The unfortunate outcome of this particular joke is rather unexpected and very sad indeed.

What bothers me most about the call is that her Majesties ‘servants’ from Down Under failed to show the proper respect to their future (?) Queen.  I am pretty sure Kate knew what she got herself into when she married Prince Charming. But still, leave this girl alone!


Being photographed on a daily basis is one thing. It must be awfull enough during most days, even if you feel quite glamorous. But now add morning sickness – the worse of all throw-ups – to pregnancy! And the hungry hordes of photographers still want to snap you, during your stage of feeling like crap, looking even crappier. There is only one place to find refuse for these two conditions (puking and photographerts): The hospital. Here you should expect quiet and peace from a crazy outside world. But no, you get a phone call from your mother in law who wants to make sure you, the mother of the third in line to the throne, is being well looked after- only to find out it wasn’t your real mother -in law.  Why? Doesn’t she care at all?

What pressure this girl is under:She has to look good at all times, under any circumstances. She finally bowed to public (?) and internal (?) demand to get pregnant. Now the added  burden is to produce a male offspring to the Windsor family.


Dear DJ’s, this girl has enough on her plates without your attempt to spice up your radio show in Aussieland.

Of course, anyone could have come up with this hoax. The poor nurse who put your call through was doomed one way or the other. Imagine the Queen really called.”Hallo, this is Elizabeth, Your Majesty the Queen, may I speak to my daughter- in- law please?” And the nurse answered:”Of course my dear, but could you please prove to me that you really are who you said you are?”

Oops, highly embarrassing – one way or the other. But whom am I?  I didn’t  grow up with a monarch. Little do I know about proper, traditional English palace protocol  concerning the Queen and making phone calls.

Let’s face it: This is the time we live in. We do whatever necessary to get our radio station more listeners, our tabloids more readers, our company higher sales. Prank calls have been done before this tragic incidence; they will be done in the future. As embarrassing as they are to the individuals involved, as entertaining they can be to their listeners.

How can it be extra-ordinary to have fun at the expense of others? To play tricks on others, to hurt their feelings or to violate their privacy. If you need to do it, keep it a private joke! Show some respect and refrain from using social media to tweed and facebook the incident around the world!

If we want to entertain others we should make fun of ourselves!


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