MONEY doesn’t buy you HAPPINESS…

but it does buy you bacon!

I saw this on the back of a – you guessed it – bacon truck!

It made me chuckle. I thought it was so witty, funny and innovative!

When I shared my new found nirvana for advertisements ( delivery trucks) with my husband, he felt sorry for me!                                                                                    Okay,to like this slogan says more about my simple taste and the mondane than anything else. It obviously doesn’t take much to impress me…

Dominic left his home, the USA, over twenty years ago. He escaped this ‘clever play on words’ just to be bombarded by it again on his return to North America.                Imagine his surprise when he discovered  NOTHING HAS CHANGED in all the years.  The ‘dumbing down of the masses’continued. If that isn’t bad enough, his own wife seems to actually be enjoying every single, stupid ad (“Beauty is in the eye of the Beerholder” ) out there.

But come to think of it: If Every business does its own clever, funny and witty advertisment – how can they stand out from the crowd?                                           If every business offers the same e.g. convenient opening hours (even 24/7), easy accessibility and parking, and same kick-ass service- what makes this business so special?                                                                                                                                               WHAT does it take for you and / or a business to become and stay extra-ordinary?

When everything and everybody wants to fit in it comes down to only one item which is truley unique:

You, yourself & you!     Amazing individuals help to make a business stand out from the rest.

On a personal level it amazes me to discover that people are dumb smacked, overjoyed or even surprised whenever I return the promissed phone call or deliver on the promise I made! It is so simple:

Know who you are and be true to yourself! Always do what you say and be true to your word!

Quick change of subject and a follow up on my current mission in life:

My much loved and pride of the stomach, the 6-pack is back in sight! The layer of contentment (fat) is shrinking!  Hurrah!

The weights are doing their trick and difinition of the upper arms is back in sight!

And finally, I am only two days away from pushing the SEND button on the computer to deliver the manuscript to my publisher!

As the final days approach, I am reminded of the universal  rule,                                      if you want to make changes in your life you have to make it happen!

Because they won’t happen on its own!                                                                           And on a final note, one thing is for sure:

Money may not buy you happiness, but it does help you to bring home the bacon!


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